“I felt weak, unstable & so easily fatigued prior to starting at MyBody. My mind & body were very disconnected; I could not trust my physical self to be strong enough to perform the actions my brain wanted to do. It’s been amazing how my strength, stability & stamina have increased since starting working out at My Body. Within a few weeks of regular workouts I began to notice a difference in my functional movement. I feel much more confident and comfortable in my everday life. I am also in a much better mood all the time!! Brooke has created such a wonderful community at My Body. I love coming every day & it is truly a wonderful way to start my day. Brooke is so inventive with the circuit workouts that even though I attend almost every day, no two classes have ever been the same!! I also appreciate how Brooke & her staff are so respectful of each individual’s ability and comfort level. This approach has made me feel very comfortable at the gym and made me want to come every day. Thank you Brooke & My Body!!!” - Diane F.
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