Because I Love My Body Project

Photographer: Nina Caputo/Inside Collective

My Body’s first photo project: A celebration of diversity, power through vulnerability, body acceptance, and Body Positivity.

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Because I Love My Mom Bod Project

Photographer: Teri Hofford

A celebration of Moms! Their bodies, their beauty, and their immense power! Normalizing and celebrating the Mom Bod showing that a changed body is not a ruined body, if anything it is even more powerful and beautiful than before! 


My Body Labels Project

Photographer: Mandi Rae Photography

This project was all about labels, the ones that we give ourselves and the ones others/society gives us. The point of this photo project was to acknowledge the negative and positive labels, and then wipe them away and just be in our bodies celebrating our existence! Too often we let labels rule our lives and tell us who we are and what we are capable of, words cannot define all that you are! 

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Male Identifying Body Positive Photo Project

Photographer: Teri Hofford

This project was to actively include those who identify as male to accept and celebrate their bodies. Toxic masculinity is alive and well, and we need to band together to help end it and make sure that ALL humans are included in the body positivity movement. 


Body Positivity has nothing to do with what your body looks like hence why ALL humans deserve it: ALL shapes, sizes, ages, races, genders, non-binary and transgender folks, those with disabilities, literally ALL HUMAN BEINGS! No Body is superior or inferior to another. If you are a human and you have a body you deserve to accept, love and celebrate it with all your heart!

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