Body Inclusive Fitness at it’s best!

My Body Love HIIT 30 minutes long – 6 days a week – Morning + Evening 

Spend 30 minutes sweating, laughing and learning with us to experience the magic of judgment free Body Inclusive fitness.  Join us for circuit style classes incorporating free weight training, body weight exercises, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

My Body Yoga 60 minutes long — 3 days a week — 2 Evenings + 1 Morning

3 days - 3 different styles: Hatha - Restorative - Flow.

Hatha- An intro style class going through commonly practices poses intentionally.

Restore- A meditative practice focused on deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Flow- A high energy fun spirited class with more challenging balancing poses in addition to other common yoga poses. 

“A long history of disordered eating and exercising had left me in a strange place regarding my body. Lots of struggles with dysmorphia + “health” obsession. The focus on feeling good and on what my body CAN DO has been so helpful to be immersed in. My Body is more than just a gym with fitness classes. It is a culture of inclusion, positivity, and balance. Being a part of this culture illuminates the areas of life that diet culture darkens in our society, media + lives. I am so grateful to the outstanding staff at My Body for creating this space where absolutely every human can feel safe and celebrated as they shift their focus from appearance to ability.” - Hannah L.
“After only a few classes I was so encouraged, finding my body was capable of more than I thought. This gym does more than just provide a good workout, it renews your mind! My confidence is much higher, in large part due to the renewal of my way of thinking of seeing beauty and what that really means has changed. And the staff! OMG! I flippin love these ladies! I find that I get excited to go to the gym, not for the workout (although they are great and challenging) but to see these fierce women. I always feel more empowered and energized after spending time with them. It makes going to the gym more than a workout, it’s social as well. I have never enjoyed exercise as a rule, but this is a place that I look forward to going to. I also love that there are no mirrors. I can sweat with a purple face, and not have catching my reflection distract me from pushing myself. This is a place where I am challenged, but I don’t feel judged, or like I’m failing. Even when exercises are modified, I don’t feel like I am less because of it. Bottom line. Best gym, best staff, best environment. I love it!” - Tarin H.